Support Engineer.
Mountain Venturer.
Humble Supporter.

One thing you will often hear from Liz, every day is different. At IKE she is responsible for solving a different problem every day, if not every hour. As a support engineer, she happily helps IKE’s customers with any problem they might have. Lucky for anyone that calls, there is never a problem Liz can’t solve. Driven by a desire to always do more than the bare minimum, if Liz doesn’t already know the answer, you can bet she will track one down. As varied as her workday can be, she mixes up her leisure time even more. Gardening, hiking, botany, crafting, art, mountains, cooking and craft beer are just some of the options on any given day. That leaves her with plenty of good stories about travel, injury, or just a good beer. There’s no better person to be talking to our customers each and every day.

“Tapping into our army of engineers”

Glenn and Mike

Liz's Articles

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