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25 Jan 2019

Accuracy as a Keystone

by: Alex Fitch

Accuracy is something we take very seriously here at IKE. In the world of measurement, it is defined as the capability of the instrument to faithfully indicate the value of the measured signal. Put simply, does the measurement match the actual value? For us, it is the keystone. Without accurate measurements, we would be creating more problems than we could solve. Over the last decade, IKE engineers have put nearly half a million man hours towards building field tools and software that combine our love of field efficiency with the need for extremely high & consistent accuracy. The end result is a field tool that will give you the industry standard accuracy, while also ensuring you are able to process and take action on accurate data more effectively.

In hundreds of deployments, we have given our customers the chance to test IKE’s height of attachment accuracy against measurements taken with a traditional height stick. In those tests, we gave the IKE to a brand new user and the height stick to an experienced fielder. IKE consistently measured to less than 1″ of actual measurements and consistently more accurate than a height stick. In more expansive tests of our own, we were able to replicate that accuracy and even improve upon it by using experienced fielders.

A look at our spec sheet will give you more insight into how we have managed to achieve this impressive level of accuracy. By integrating best in class sensors, such as a 950 nm laser and an inertial measurement unit with specifically tailored software, we integrate data sources to capture a huge amount of data at the same time. Compare that to using a separate laser rangefinder and camera where there is no way of guaranteeing those sensors were measuring the same point, and they definitely were not doing it at the same time. IKE ensures all of the sensors are focused on the same point at the same time so there is minimal variability in incoming information.

The Bigger Picture

The bigger picture of IKE accuracy is even more amazing. The combination of IKE Field & Office software and IKE Analyze means that the accuracy of your data is constantly verified by both your team and ours. We call this photo-verifiable accuracy. At any point someone can look at the IKE record of a pole and correlate the data to what is in the photograph. Our customers take comfort in the accuracy of IKE field tools knowing that if the measurement is accurate the first time, there is no reason they should have to revisit a pole. They can simply verify the measurement in the IKE Record.

That accuracy is IKE’s promise. For the kind of people that need to see it with their own eyes, we say, reach out! Let us prove to you how the photo verifiable accuracy of the IKE Solution can streamline the way you work with poles.


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