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Traditional methods of fielding pole data are time-intensive, error-prone, and inefficient, adding to the challenges of delivering design and construction projects on time and within budget. Advanced data solutions can help you work faster, more efficiently, and safely - helping you serve your utility and communication clients better.

Accelerating your overhead engineering projects.

Fielding efficiency

Reducing fielding time and increasing accuracy are key to profitable engineering projects.

Using intuitive mobile tools and guided workflows, IKE empowers fielders to collect accurate field data with minimal training.

  • Enable solo field work
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Speed up field data collection

Workflow improvements

Breaking down data silos leads to efficient overhead design engineering projects.

With IKE’s cloud-based workflows, field data is seamlessly uploaded to a centralized location enabling real-time collaboration between fielding, back office, and third parties.

  • Provide real-time data access to authorized partners
  • Enable efficient joint-use workflows
  • Create digital workflows and increase team velocity

Defendable pole loading analysis

Ensure NESC® compliance and reduce the potential for rework and schedule delays.

With IKE, field data can be easily exported directly into PLA software for immediate results, ensuring compliance and public and worker safety. Analysis results can be imported into downstream applications such as GIS, design software, and asset management tools (NJUNS, etc).

  • Avoid manual data entry and human error
  • Standardize analysis software to maximize efficiency
  • Improve time-per-pole rates

Process automation

Tackle time-intensive and error-prone processes without exhausting your human resources.

With best-in-class machine learning capabilities, IKE leverages existing imagery data (street level, drone, LiDAR, etc.) to maximize resources, deliver actionable insights, and enable intelligent automation.

  • Assess network viability
  • Automate joint-use ticket notifications and delivery
  • Amplify engineering capacity and productivity

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Increasing Productivity in Overhead Design Engineering and Fielding Data Workflow

Burns & McDonnell's Distribution Modernization Section Manager, John Hofman, examines strategies for engineering productivity in overhead design and field data workflow for utilities.
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The IKE Suite

IKE offers end-to-end pole data collection and analysis solutions that enable productive and accurate engineering projects.

IKE Insight

Gain actionable insights from bulk data and images using AI and predictive analytics.

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IKE Device

Capture pole data safely, accurately, and efficiently with an intuitive mobile tool.

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IKE Office Pro

Measure and manage pole data quickly, then export to your native systems.

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IKE PoleForeman on Screen

IKE PoleForeman

Deliver defendable structural analysis with the most trusted pole loading analysis software.

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IKE NESC Training Class on Screen

IKE Training

IKE provides in-person and remote National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®), OSHA, and IKE product-specific training classes.

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Services / Training

NESC® and OSHA Training Classes

IKE provides online and in-person training classes on key safety codes to meet your company's needs and schedule.

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Learn how IKE can help you increase productivity and profitability and deliver accurate results to your clients.

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