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Increase grid safety and reliability with advanced pole data and structural analysis.


Modernizing grid infrastructure, managing joint-use attachments, and ensuring compliance with regulations, while delivering safe, reliable power to homes and businesses are just a few of the jobs facing electric utilities. Advanced pole data and analysis can deliver actionable insights to protect the integrity of your overhead infrastructure and increase resilience.

Efficiently acquire and dependably analyze pole data.

Fielding safety

Workforce shortages mean inexperienced fielders are being asked to assess poles, leading to injuries, delays, and inaccurate structural data.

With IKE, a solo fielder can collect pole data safely, accurately, and efficiently using intuitive mobile tools instead of carrying heavy equipment that must be raised near the supply space.

  • Improve safety and situational awareness
  • Avoid the hazards of accessing roads and backyards
  • Ensure data integrity with minimal training

Actionable pole loading analysis

The most effective structural analysis produces insights that help maintain grid integrity, plan new construction projects, and manage joint-use requests.

IKE delivers reliable structural models, calculates key measurements and clearances, performs loading calculations, and helps you achieve NESC compliance.

  • Model as-built poles and identify pole class
  • Determine pole strength utilization
  • Build make-ready models of new attachments
  • Integrate insights into GIS and other critical, native systems

Joint-use process improvements

Siloed data is the enemy of an efficient and reliable network.

Using IKE’s cloud-based workflows, pole data acquired in the field is seamlessly uploaded to a central location where it can be accessed by all authorized parties involved in your joint-use project.

  • Standardize pole data formats and centralize accessibility
  • Export data to downstream applications
  • Improve joint-use workflow and collaboration with third parties

Storm hardening

Predictive maintenance projects are difficult to prioritize without accurate data.

With machine learning capabilities, IKE gives structure to unstructured data (such as drone footage, Lidar, and more) so it can be integrated with your GIS for analysis.

  • Remotely inspect overhead infrastructure and assess resilience
  • Prioritize predictive maintenance and network upgrade projects
  • Protect grid integrity

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Improving Grid Safety with Accurate Pole Data and Structural Analysis

Our experts share continuous improvement strategies for field data collection and pole loading analysis that improve grid reliability and safety.
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The IKE Suite

IKE offers end-to-end data acquisition and structural analysis solutions for managing overhead infrastructure.

IKE Insight

Gain actionable insights from bulk data and images using AI and predictive analytics.

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IKE Device

Capture pole data safely, accurately, and efficiently with an intuitive mobile tool.

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IKE Office Pro

Measure and manage pole data quickly, then export to your native systems.

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IKE PoleForeman on Screen

IKE PoleForeman

Deliver defendable structural analysis with the most trusted pole loading analysis software.

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IKE NESC Training Class on Screen

IKE Training

IKE provides in-person and remote National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®), OSHA, and IKE product-specific training classes.

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Pat Hanrahan

Assistant General Manager of Retail, Nebraska Public Power District

Safety for our team and our customers.

Safety – of our team and the public – is something we will absolutely NOT compromise. If you cut corners on the pole load analysis and you allow something to come in that hasn’t been analyzed accurately or appropriately, it endangers the integrity of the pole.

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Learn how IKE can help you increase grid safety and reliability with advanced pole data and structural analysis.

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