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Accelerate Broadband Deployments with an Optimized Joint-Use Process

Watch Time: 34MIN

Time to market is critical when expanding broadband networks to new customers. Fast and accurate surveys, data analysis, and approvals accelerate your project deployment timeline and revenues.

In this webinar, IKE’s experts will discuss how to expand to new markets faster using data acquisition and analysis solutions that help communications companies and their engineering partners to:

1) Rapidly evaluate potential new markets for broadband deployment with reduced pre-survey effort using street view imagery.

2) Efficiently acquire pole data and upload it to a central home where it can be accessed by all authorized partners involved in a joint-use project.

3) Speed up approvals through seamless integration with other applications and tools including GIS systems, design software, pole loading and asset management software, and all sorts of file types. Reduce or eliminate manual data entry when working with multiple tools and applications in the end-to-end permitting process.

Plan. Measure. Deploy. 

Learn how to optimize your market assessment, broadband deployment, and joint-use process.

Additional topics to be covered include:

  • Challenges communications companies and their engineering partners face in assessing the overhead distribution grid for broadband expansion to new markets
  • How accurate data helps communications firms speed up overhead construction and expand service to new customers
  • An overview of IKE’s suite of fiber deployment & joint-use solutions: IKE Insight (Process Automation solution)  the IKE Device and IKE Office Pro (data acquisition and management solution) 
  • Complying with the NESC and ensuring worker safety during construction


Chris DeJohn Headshot
Chris Dejohn - Senior Vice President of Sales

Chris brings a wealth of experience in the enterprise, communications, and utility markets, having led teams in the emergence and technology transformation of some of the world’s largest network & utility infrastructures throughout his career. Chris leads IKE’s customer-facing teams in applying our industry-leading technologies to guide customers in navigating this evolution.

Brett Willitt - Senior VP of Product, ikeGPS

Brett has more than 25 years of grid asset management experience and is widely considered one of the leading structural analysis and structure management experts in the US. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Clarkson University.

IKE Experts

Sara Deere - Systems Engineer, ikeGPS

A member of the IKE PoleForeman Systems Engineering Team, Sara is intimately familiar with IKE’s structural analysis software and played a key role in the creation of the software’s integration forms. She holds an MS degree in Biomechanics from the University of Northern Colorado.

Spencer Hankin - Senior GIS Manager, ikeGPS

Spencer has worked in every aspect of OSP aerial engineering including fielding poles in remote areas, building PLAs, managing field teams, and overseeing fiber design projects from start to finish as a lead OSP engineer. He holds an undergraduate degree in Geology from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Redlands with a concentration in Location Analytics.

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