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: QA Analyst - IKE Analyze

  • 581 Days Ago
  • Broomfield, US
  • Full-time


This position is responsible for ensuring that IKE-Analyze delivers an accurate, high quality product on a consistent basis. You will review work completed by IKE-Analyze to determine if an analyst’s work has followed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) established by IKE and followed project specified Work Instructions (WI). You will ultimately be deciding whether to deliver the product to the customer or send the product back to the analyst for correction / rework. In performing the QC role, you will be grading each IKE analyst on the quality of their work and helping to identify gaps in knowledge, processes, and/or technology that impact the quality of the products delivered by IKE-Analyze. You will be expected to maintain a daily targeted inspection rate and be able to justify your pass/fail decision if questioned.


  • Inspect work product of IKE-A Analyst
  • For poles that fail inspection, record reason for failure
  • Understand and identify overhead communication assets (coax cables, copper cables, fiber cables, messengers, guy wires, power supplies, antenna, amplifiers, spices, etc.)
  • Understand and identify overhead power distribution assets (poles, guys, brackets, cross arms, insulators, wires, transformers, capacitors, reclosers, regulators, streetlights, arrestors, switches, etc)
  • Ability to read and understand IKE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and IKE Work Instructions (WIs) across multiple projects.
  • Verify IKE Analyst are following SOPs for IKE Office Annotations / Heights
  • Verify IKE Analyst are following SOPs for pole / anchor location correction
  • Verify IKE Analyst are following project specific WIs
  • Verifies that pole loading models match the IKE records when applicable
  • Demonstrate strong attention to detail.
  • Demonstrate accuracy and efficiency in your daily work.

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