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The Field Data Collection Engineer is responsible for the successful implementation of the Field Data Collection (FDC) function at IKE, ensuring critical and accurate data is collected in an efficient and effective manner.  Included within this responsibility is assisting IKEs CX70 process:

“Ike FDC capability seamlessly managed "Best in Class" field data collection, which enables the project to go faster, with a higher quality output.”

The role is also critical in the success of IKEs swimlane no 1:“FDC excellence (quality & efficiency) & ownership of this FDC process for structural analysis & MRE. This is the multiplier effect to feed the IKE economic engine.”

THe FDC Engineer role has 2 critical parts:

  • FDC Training and Consulting

  • FDC Quality Analysis


Position location

The position will be located within the Operations team.

Strategic context

IKE is the expert with the IKE Solution. This role supports this through Field Data Consulting and Field Training, working with the FDC Manager.

Key responsibilities & Expected Outcomes

Operating within the Field Data Consulting Framework

The key responsibilities fall under 2 major functions of the Field Data Consulting Framework.

I. Field Training and Consulting

ikeGPS has a well received training program established. The objective of Field Training and Consulting is to build upon our past successes and tailor our training to our business offerings while maintaining the success of our current methodologies.

IKE Training and Consulting

  • Responsible for supporting/implementing Self Perform Training

  • Delivery of FDC IKE Analyze Training

  • Support training through IKE University

Outcomes: Training is a core component of IKE’s success with our customers. Training is moving to an online engaged model while retaining premium onsite capabilities. Training covers a variety of industry workflows to allow our customers to become immediately effective on their Projects with very little ramp time.

FDC Self Perform Training

FDC IKE Premium Training allows for customers to become familiar with the IKE Solution. Training covers both IKE Office and IKE Field and is more generalized.

  • Provide Familiarization training to both external and internal customers

  • Provide IKE University Supplements

  • Complete IKE Platform training for customers

  • Responsible for reviewing Initial data

  • Provide a consulting service for other projects for an additional source of revenue

Outcomes: FDC Self Perform Training allows for customers to meet their own internal requirements while utilizing the IKE to its highest potential, both in Office and in Field. Self Perform Customers receive ongoing support in the beginning of their adoption of the IKE Platform, becoming their standard for aerial pole work.

FDC IKE Analyze Training

FDC IKE Analyze allows for companies to focus on fielding and efficiency which allows for extremely specialized field training tailored completely to the workflow for their specific project. Field Coaching is continuous which allows for quality data from the field for processing by Analyze team.

  • Deliver tailored training to the project.

  • Use IKE University to supplement training.

  • Provide training with a heavy focus on field training.

  • Implementation of best practices

  • Ongoing data reviews

Outcomes: Comprehensive training for IKE Analyze Projects allows for immediately actionable data from the field to our office teams. Customers are trained with quality and efficiency in mind and receive front end quality assurance from the FDC Manager and proactive coaching points based on the Statement of Work and best practice implementation.

Virtual IKE University Training

IKE recognizes the need for customers to continue operating as well as for our people to train them effectively and safely. As such, IKE is standing up an MVP online training program to address short term needs that take us from addressing the immediate needs of the business to creating a value-add platform that becomes part of our key offering.

.Ability to stand up additional workflows for specific use cases and workflows.

  • Work to further develop IKE U as a learning platform

  • Help provide insight on new workflows

Outcomes: IKE University helps FDC Training become more scalable and less labor intensive, allowing our customers to train on their time with a less of an impact on productions. IKE University is a critical part of FDC moving forward with larger enterprise customers.

2. IKE Analyze Quality Control

It is critical data coming from the field meets expectations. Quality control provides proactive solutions to problematic data allowing the analysts to meet their deadlines. Ensure data is adhering to Statement of Work and communicate any issues to the wider team. Corrective action to be provided to end customer.

Key relationships

IKE Analyze Team

Solutions Engineering

Sales Team

Support and Training

End User Customer:

  • Field Project Manager

  • Field Engineers

  • Field Data Collectors



Competency Demonstrated by


Ability to motivate and lead the team through vision for department, clear goals and clear communication of process, etc. to deliver output. Leads others in a way that promotes and demonstrates ikeGPS’s core values. Treats people with respect. Displays willingness to make decisions; Exhibits sound and accurate judgment; Supports and is willing to explain reasoning for decisions; Includes appropriate people in decision-making process; Makes timely decisions.


Effectively plans and organises work to achieve desired outcomes; proactive, remains focused, takes action to overcome obstacles and follows through to completion with little or no supervision.


Is fair, open, honest and consistent in behaviour and can be relied upon and generates confidence in others through professional and ethical behaviour. Keeps commitments; Inspires the trust of others; Works with integrity and ethically; Upholds organizational values.

Relationship building

Builds and maintains positive and productive working relationships and networks both internally and externally as required.

Capable and willing to mentor and guide peers and others in their growth to ensure consistency and maintainability of the product range.


Able to organise own work and priorities and balance these against business needs.

Meets productivity standards; Completes work in a timely manner; Strives to increase productivity; Works quickly.

Persuading and influencing

Gains the cooperation of others by seeking their points of view; understands differing views and identifies points of agreement; negotiates solutions to meet the objectives of all parties where possible; confidently advocates a preferred project approach team which allows others to be convinced.


Excellent communicator able to adjust to the appropriate levels and avenues of communication at the appropriate time to ensure that everyone is up to date on development. Adept at keeping communication lines open

Communicates effectively, clearly and informatively in both verbal and written communication.


Capable of sound judgement, with clear explanations of reasoning behind decisions. Able to demonstrate an appropriate level of autonomy and accountability.

Technical Know-How

Has the technical know-how to perform at the required level. Is able to recognize own strengths and weaknesses. Pursues training and development opportunities as needed. Strives to continuously build knowledge and skills. Shares expertise with others. Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness; Looks for ways to improve and promote quality; Applies feedback to improve performance; Monitors own work to ensure quality.

Delegated Authority:



  • This position requires working at a computer terminal either standing or sitting for the entire workday.

  • Must be able to walk and carry equipment minimum 8 hours in all weather conditions and terrain

  • Ability to travel (50%)

Closing date for applications is Wednesday, October 20th, 2021.



  • Understanding of and ability to identify overhead communication assets (coax cables, copper cables, fiber cables, messengers, guy wires, power supplies, antenna, amplifiers, splices, etc.)

  • Strong demonstration of accuracy and efficiency in daily work.

  • Ability to accomplish goals and make decisions

  • Strong Communication and Teaching on Complex Tasks

  • Be knowledgeable and conversant about IKE’s products and offerings

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree or 3 years industry experience in communications or utility space

  • Computer skills required: (Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, Google Docs, Sheets, Earth and Maps)

  • Demonstrable experience working within teams to achieve organizational goals

  • Working understanding of Communication and Power field collection practices

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Hands-on experience with electric utilities, communication companies and/or engineering service providers.

  • Formal Instruction preferred

  • Willingness to travel (50%)

  • Experience using Pole Loading Software

  • Previous IKE utilization strongly preferred

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