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Data and the Future of Structural Analysis

Quality data is the lifeblood of pole load analysis and is critical to maintaining the outside plant infrastructure (OSP) on which our society relies.

Data and the Future of Structural Analysis is a collection of essays written by the experts at ikeGPS on the importance of acquiring and analyzing data to improve and sustain OSP infrastructure integrity.

Protecting OSP infrastructure, managing joint-use attachments, ensuring all regulations and standards are complied with, adapting to the grid’s modernization while delivering safe, reliable power to the American public are just a few of the complex jobs facing utilities today.

For electric utilities, quality data is where it all starts.

This book offers a great place to start or continue your understanding of how better data leads to better pole load analysis and, ultimately, better OSP infrastructure integrity.

Topics covered include:

  • Data and the fundamentals of pole audits 101
  • How accurate pole load analysis creates system resiliency
  • Utility poles in the world of 5G
  • Reality capture and how it Impacts the utility industry
  • Digital twins and the utility smart grid
  • How utilities can use technology to address the skilled workforce shortage

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