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07 Mar 2019

Spring Update from Glenn

by: Glenn Milnes


It’s Spring – and if you’ve got kids, you’re no doubt looking forward to the seasonal transition when they can get back outside after school and after dinner.  In Colorado at least, the snow has been persistent the past few winter months. 

Spring also means the start of the ‘field season’ for many IKE teams and customers. Field teams are gearing up to go collect poles and data for make ready engineering and pole loading analysis.  We’re excited to be supporting many hundreds of organizations as they venture into the field armed with the IKE Solution once again. After 7 million pole captures and counting using the IKE platform, there is more trust than ever in the IKE Record that users create with every pole visit.

We’re equally pleased to more formally be launching IKE Analyze – on the back of demand from existing IKE customers.  IKE Analyze allows IKE Users to go into the field and capture pictures with the IKE Device. Our IKE Analyze team will then pick up this field data in the cloud, and complete the analysis, QA, QC, and return any deliverable to meet a customers’ needs.  Bringing together our back-end capability with the field resources of our customers allows them to access a unique method to scale affordably while getting only the highest quality data.  And if we’re meeting our promise – this will be at a lower cost and higher quality than the status quo.

Outside IKE Analyze, we’re working on a few tech projects that should be interesting across the board. Look out for an update later this spring around our view of how to capture field data even faster, better and more simply.  This surprise will continue to increase profitability on a per pole and per project basis.

Lastly, our team thrives on its direct engagement with you, the users of the IKE Solution, and solving your problems.  So this spring please keep getting in touch to help us help you be better, faster, and more profitable.

Up Next:

  • Attend a webinar – Scaling at Speed with IKE Analyze – March 14th at 11:00 AM MST
  • Talk with the IKE team about IKE Analyze – We’ll set up a one on one conversation with each and every IKE customer over the next few months to explore the possibilities with your specific workflow.
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