SVP of Sales – Spike.
Effortless Comedian.
Constant Closer.

James’ favorite story to tell is about the time he dressed as Elvis for a conference promo in Modesto, CA then rocked the costumes all night and ended up hanging out backstage at a rock concert until 3am. Now imagine him telling that story in front of an audience while he does stand up comedy. Needless to say, James has always been driven by making people laugh. It is a large part of what has helped him succeed in sales throughout his career. A career that has culminated in James acting as the SVP of Sales for our Spike product as well as leading the charge on Storm Hardening for IKE. He is constantly searching out new opportunities to help IKE grow. Whether he is facilitating a partnership with the largest GIS company in the world, or charging ahead into the emerging market for storm hardening, James has a knack for using humor and intelligence to point the way forward.

“Poles are critical infrastructure”

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