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Terrane Land Surveying is an industry leader, serving the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.  As such, they’re able to handle the unique challenge of telecommunication surveying with ease and expertise. Whether it be for small 1A utility pole audits or large and complex field data collection projects, Terrane has incorporated IKE devices and IKE Analyze services to create more agile processes to expand their geographic coverage and expedited services. 

Using those devices, Terrane was able to streamline their field data collection process by 3X compared to traditional methods utilizing a traditional survey total station.  The time saved results in shorter time to permitting, allowing quicker time to revenue for their customers.



reduction in collection time


recollects due to error

What Happened

Leveraging an experienced staff in both the telecommunications industry and all manner of land surveying, IKE devices and services have opened additional capabilities when it comes to field data collection for small cell projects.

Combining the streamlined field data collection process and PLA data review/stamp has made it possible for Terrane to provide files that are ready for design to their clients.  These deliverables aid in expediting the permit process and smoothing the runway for construction start. 

“The streamlined processes developed by IKE have enabled our team to work much more efficiently with a high degree of confidence.”

Jeff Savage, P.L.S. Telecom Survey Manager, Terrane 


The partnership between Terrane and ikeGPS has been invaluable in expanding their FAA certification 1A small cell surveys.  ikeGPS has provided a simplified process that shortened field data collection time, increased data accuracy, and made it easy to complete the survey deliverable. 

“We’re so pleased with our relationship with IKE and their products and services.  The streamlined processes developed by IKE have enabled our team to work much more efficiently with a high degree of confidence.  The data collected by the ikeGPS device has all but eliminated site revisits saving precious time and resources for us and our clients.”


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