Faster and more accurate pole loading analysis, joint use audits and make ready engineering.

Developed from the ground up to be the standard for locating and measuring poles and other aerial plant.

See why more than 400 electric utilities, communication companies and engineering service providers, including the world’s largest telecommunications company, are using IKE 4 to double field productivity and halve their back-office costs to conduct MRE, joint use projects and pole audits.


Meet IKE 4: Pole software. A field tool designed for measuring poles & wires. Pole experts.

IKE Field

IKE Field is a mobile app delivering specialized measurement tools for pole heights, wire spans, attachments, GNS location together with other general field data collection tools.

IKE Device

The IKE Device is a purpose-built field tool for measuring poles and wires. Using the IKE Device, field teams can simply take a photograph of a pole and accurately measure all attachments back in the office – from that single image. The IKE Device uniquely combines laser, camera and other sensor technologies that is coupled with an easy-to-use Android interface that works like your smartphone.

IKE Office

IKE Office is cloud-based pole software that’s used to:

  • measure pole attributes from photographs taken with the IKE Device
  • manage your poles and projects geospatially, on a map
  • securely store your field data, pole records and corresponding data.
  • Create custom workflow forms for your field teams

IKE Integration

IKE Integration lets you integrate your pole data with the applications you use the most, such as Pole Loading Analysis, GIS and CAD.

More than 1M poles will be IKE’d in 2018 for joint-use audits, make ready engineering, aerial fiber deployments, and the construction of other outside plant.

As used by hundreds of the largest and smallest electric utilities, communications companies, and engineering service providers operating across the US market.

  • Every IKE4 solution comes complete with IKE Office, IKE Field, and the IKE4 Device.
  • IKE Integration, IKE Deploy and IKE Analyze are optional modules.

One central cloud application. Consistent results. Dramatic productivity improvements and cost savings.

IKE Office

The Standard for verifiable, accurate pole measurements. IKE Office is cloud-based software that delivers numerous pole-specific functions:

  • After field data has been collected, measure pole photographs for items such as heights of attachments.
  • Store your project information, field data, photos, and pole measurements for analysis, reporting, archiving and retrieval.
  • View and manage your poles and projects geospatially, on a map.
  • Build custom workflow forms for field teams using simple drag-and-drop tools.

“So I took a pole that I used IKE4 to collect my field data with, and the results were astonishing! I got my span lengths, GPS coordinates, attachment heights and delta changes …check this out! This is an example of just how good this solution is…people have no excuse now not to do it fast and right!”

Joe M, Northeast Project Management Design Team.

Largest Californian Electric Utility.

IKE 4 Device

The IKE 4 device uniquely combines the sensors necessary to deliver Photo Verifiable Accuracy into an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use field device that works like your smartphone, but that has been designed specifically for measuring and processing poles and related pole data.

“IKE 4 means we carry less equipment around in the field, and digital data collection and measurement means verification of results and no transcription errors.””

Brad Mayo Project Manage

Henkels and McCoy

IKE Field

Get your field teams on the same page. IKE Field is a mobile app that contains specialized pole measurement tools for pole heights, wire spans, attachment points, remote location data, and also general measurements tools for field data collection.

IKE Field also lets you deploy custom workflow forms to dramatically improve productivity, efficiency and to standardize results.

“The IKE 4 is a real game changer for the safe and accurate measurement of utility assets”

– Steve Schulte, Joint Use Department , Avista Utilities

IKE Integration

Get your pole data to all the places it’s needed, fast. IKE Integration lets you directly integrate IKE data with the applications that you use the most.

This includes complete integration with OCalc Pro, Pole Foreman, SPIDACalc PLS Pole, GIS, CAD and more…

Additional output formats include JSON and PDF.

“I want to thank you and the IKE team for our experience with IKE 4 and its integration. We are very pleased with the solution’s performance in the field and the seamless transfer of data to the cloud for Pole Load Analysis. We are excited about this exceptional product and are confident it will help our company grow and win.”

Adam W, OSP Lead Engineer at the largest U.S. communications company

IKE Deploy

When you work with IKE, you’re working with people that have decades of pole experience. With IKE Deploy, IKE’s pole experts are alongside your team at every step.

From training and project design to the best ongoing customer support in the industry.

“The initial training was “just right”. “IKE 4 was easy to learn and had a friendly user interface.”

Brian Christensen, Principal Engineer at Horrocks Engineering

Purchasing programs for every project

  • IKE Purchase: Own your IKE4 solution from the outset. A lower Total Cost of Ownership in the long run.
  • IKE Rent: No upfront cost, pay only for the time you use IKE4. Great for uncertain project volumes.
  • IKE Lease: Lower start-up costs. Both operating lease and capital lease options available.

ikeGPS Rental Terms and Conditions

  • IKE Deploy: Ramp-up services from IKE experts that accelerate your path to better productivity and profits.
  • IKE Analyze: You capture the field data. We deliver the Completed Pole Data, PLA and Reports.

IKE 4 Accessories

Each IKE device comes with a number of supporting accessories, including:

  • lightweight protective hard case
  • low magnetic signature tripod with it’s own
    durable canvas carry case
  • Multiple adapters for wall socket, vehicle, and USB charging
  • Setup and user manuals
  • Softcase for heat protection

On-Demand Utility & Communication Events

IKE 4 and PoleForeman Integration Webinar


Watch this on-demand webinar where we announce our new partnership with PowerLine Technology to help utilities and engineering service providers lower the cost and increase the accuracy of pole load analysis.

MEET IKE! Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the fourth generation of IKE makes it easier, faster and safer for engineering service companies to collect and process utility pole data for make-ready engineering and new attachment permitting. We also show how IKE 4 helps utility companies and their contractors with joint-use audits, pole replacement programs and post-construction as-built audits.

Photo Verifiable Accuracy

Join Leon Toorenburg, CTO and Founder of ikeGPS as he discusses Photo Verifiable Accuracy for Joint Use Audits, New Attachment Permitting & Post Construction As-built Audits.

Safer pole measurements, faster joint-use projects, more profitable make ready engineering, and more accurate pole loading analysis.

Lower Acquisition Cost:

Delivering real world ROI! What’s yours?

Average Pole Loading Study for MRE:

>2X end-to-end productivity improvements

>50% cost savings

HOA accuracy +/-1″

“IKE more than doubled our field productivity for joint attachment pole assessments and delivered a return on investment before completion of the first project.”

Brad Mayo

Henkels & McCoy


Delivers time saving Photo Verifiable Accuracy

Smart IKEphotos verify every measurement

Say good-bye to re-visits and spot checks

Less human error


“We use IKE 4 because it enables us to collect higher-quality data in less time and improve our back-office data management, and we like how IKE4 integrates with our GIS system and other applications such as pole loading software.”

Kurt Delia, Senior Manager


IKE 4 gets everyone on the same page

IKE’s integrated solution enables you to maintain a complete, consistent and standardized record of your poles. Get the same results regardless of who’s doing the work. When the pole is complete, the IKE Office Cloud application makes it easy to integrate your pole data with applications like O-Calc Pro, SPIDACalc, PoleForeman, GIS, CAD and other design software.

“IKE 4 is a productivity enhancement tool that allows our staff to collect data with a high degree of accuracy, consistency and productivity compared to traditional methods”

Brian Christensen, Principal Engineer

Horrocks Engineering


Field work is risky business

$75K* – Average Workers Comp Claim

Using IKE means less time per pole in the field and more choices for collecting data from safe location and away from busy streets or live conductors. This equates to better safety records and reduced liability.

*Source: ADP, 2017

“IKE 4 is a real game changer for the safe and accurate measurement of utility assets.”

Steve Schulte, Joint Use Department

Avistia Utilities

Everyone is catching on

More than 1M poles will be IKEd in 2018!