Introducing PoleForeman

Get an introduction to PoleForeman, the simple way to build 3D models of aerial infrastructure, perform detailed analysis, and measure clearances.

Take Advantage of Industry Standard Software

Utilized by the largest Electric Utilities in North America since 2001.

the guesswork

No more “rule-of-thumb” engineering or obsolete “cheat sheets”. IKE Structural makes the load calculations simple and efficient.

Comply with
safety code

Don’t fall into the trap of believing just because it works, it meets the code. The only way to know is to perform a pole load analysis.

Database populated with your construction standards

Create pole load consistency across your workforce with our custom-configured database built to your company’s specifications.

Storm hardening and system resiliency

Want to reduce outages and restoration times? Use IKE Structural to design your system for extreme weather conditions such as wind and ice load cases.

IKE Structural helps clients find success

IKE Structural is trusted by some of the largest utilities in North America with years of proven use.

Find out more about how IKE Structural can ensure accurate and consistent pole load analysis on your next project.

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