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Joint-Use Collaboration…
The IKE Way.

IKE’s suite of tools for joint-use collaboration is trusted by many of the largest and most-respected communications companies, engineering firms, and electric utilities throughout North America.

With the IKE Device and IKE Office Pro software platform at the center of the joint use process:

  • Communications companies can obtain attachment permits faster.
  • Engineering firms serve their customers with improved accuracy and productivity.
  • Utilities ensure the grid is reliable and safe for the public it serves and the people depending on it.

For an accurate and safer joint-use workflow that’s a win-win for broadband expansion and grid infrastructure integrity with increased productivity and lower costs, turn to the IKE technology and software trusted by communications companies, engineering firms, and electric utilities across the country.

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Increase productivity

in the field and back office

Lower costs

with more efficient data collections and accurate analysis

Collaborate freely

with all authorized parties of your joint-use project

Speed up

the joint-use process and preserve grid infrastructure integrity

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